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ACEBI davit concept has established a new standard when it comes to safety, cost of installation and savings on maintenance cost.

ACEBI, the Davit specialist

We already have equiped more than 4000 ships

You will get from ACEBI the best experience in davits supplying: we are designing, producing and installing all types of davits.

We are able to propose the best solution according to your requirements: for standard applications as for special tailor-made solutions.
The design of the davit complies with the latest requirements of the standard 1974 SOLAS (MSC 47(66)) and international LSA Code (MSC 48(66)) and can also be certified by Classification Society, and with EC-certificate.

The integration of highly efficient electrical and hydraulic systems into the davit structure provides optimal protection against wear and tear. The Total Enclosed Davit’s is intended for long term, reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environment. Then enclosed design also makes a perfect fit for operation under arctic climate conditions.

Our davit system is designed in accordance with the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and European Council Directive 96/98 on Marine Equipment (MED). The carefully considered and epoch-making design of our NPD system is an advantage when it comes to maintenance and service, installation and deck preparations and for heating in Arctic climates.

The lifeboat is launched either from inside the boat or using the remote control unit supplied as standard. Recovery of the lifeboat is performed by an electric/hydraulic winch.

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