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Fixed Arm Crane

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Fixed Arm Crane

Our extensive range of compact cranes offers to the customers a large choice of standard and purpose-built equipments. In particular, the company’s large experience in this specific field of marine engineering and design has permit to develop an extraordinary diverse selection of “off-the-shelf” units, which includes fixed arm, luffing, telescopic and monorail cranes – all idealy suitable for both marine and quay mounting, as well as for merchant naval and offshore use.

All cranes can be powered using following energy sources: built-in power pack or hydraulical, pneumatical & electrical energy coming from the ship’s mains.Furthermore, cranes can be equiped with an enclosed cabin.
If low weight is needed or in case of strong corrosion atmosphere, low temperature working conditions and also in case of special esthetical demand, ACEBI can use different row material as high tension steel, low temperatures steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Special paint coats could also be applied.
For the specific market of Mega Yacht, ACEBI developed in collaboration with external design consultants, a complete range of design cranes.

Fixed Arm Cranes

Since years, ACEBI is supplying Fixed Arm Crane available up to 10t t-trend capacity and up to 15 m of radius. They are very compact ones, reliable, efficient and low maintenance cost. The pneumatic one is specifically designed for hasardous aera like offshore installations.

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