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Free-Fall Systems (Offshore)

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Free-Fall Systems (Offshore)

ACEBI offers freefall systems for use in offshore applications. Freefall solutions permit a rapid evacuation in emergencies. The construction is specially strenghened to have light acceleration strike during water entry. Freefall davits are designed for safe and efficient launching and retrieval.

ACEBI freefall offshore

Quick get away from sinking vessel

ACEBI offers freefall systems for use in offshore applications and merchant vessels. We apply our vast experience from the North Sea into the research and development of our products. Therefore, we are able to offer you the most sophisticated and safest freefall systems in the industry today.

The ACEBI freefall hydraulic davit is a high-performance deck-mounted system with deck or under-deck hydraulics for ACEBI freefall lifeboats between 55 and 75 kN. Hydraulic recovery with the crew on board is possible. Stainless steel shafts are used to reduce maintenance to a minimum. For all sizes a simulated launch device is available. This device enables the crew to perform a drop without releasing the freefall all the way down into the water.

FF 1200 and 1000 can be used for:

Platforms of any type – Drillships – FPSOs – Car carriers – VLCCs – VLOCs – LNGCs – LNG – FPSOs and any large complement ship.

Type No of pers. FF height L x B x H (m) Weight empty Weight loaded
FF02001 M2 60 36 12.57 x 3.38 x 4.31 10 866 kg 15 816 kg
FF 1200 70 DNV 33 meter
Solas 46 meter
16.16 x 3.93 x 4.53 21000 kg 28000 kg

Free fall davits Offshore

Type SWL
LA1000H 16000 kg
LA1000HO 16000 kg

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