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Rigid Rescue Boats

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Rigid Rescue Boats

ACEBI offers a new range of rescue boat systems for offshore applications, merchant and passenger vessels.

These boats can be used as Service/work boats or as lifeboats. Emphasis in the design has been placed on functionality. Davits are designed especially for each type of Service/work Boat.
Our special designs ensure great stability and optimal working conditions on the vessel in rough sea conditions.

We deliver rescue boats with petrol engine or diesel inboard engine. The boats are made of GRP and have a low freeboard to facilitate rescue operations, are self-bailing, have ample deck space, a self-righting system, a sturdy foam-filled fender and are supplied with a diesel inboard motor with water jet propulsion unit or outboard petrol engines. Our specially developed davits with shock absorbers and tension system for severe weather allows our rescue boats to be launched from a mother ship even in heavy seas.

In accordance with current IMO/SOLAS regulations (MED 96 / 98 AC), all RO-RO Pax vessels must have fast rescue boats with a minimum length of 6 m and a top speed of at least 20 knots. We have boats which fully comply with these requirements and all equipment has been approved in accordance with latest SOLAS and subsequent amendments and EC labeled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

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